3D Deformation

Technogel® deforms 3-dimensionally and reacts to forces differently than the foam, deforming in all the three directions.(more…)

Thermal Regulation

Technogel® is characterized by an high thermal conductivity (with a λ of 0.19 W/m*k°), compared with other good isolator materials, like foam or memory foam.(more…)


A specific tower design has been developed, to optimize both the ventilation and the 3D deformability of the Technogel®.(more…)


Technogel® is totally free from volatile agents, so that its components cannot split free or migrate, hence, not causing substance disaggregation.(more…)

Sleep Tests and Research

We all know that our resting hours are characterized by different phases. We really rest our brain and body in deep sleep, identified with sleep stages 3 and 4.(more…)


Our body, particularly our spine, needs a support able to adapt to its 3D structure, without causing pain, tissue compression, or improper posture.(more…)

Pillow Construction and Mechanics

A restful night's sleep has positive effects on your mind and body, it determines the quality of your life.(more…)