Welcome to Technogel World

The soft side of life



What is Technogel World?

Technogel World is the virtual gate to the ultimate comfort experience. Surfing through its pages you will discover why Technogel® is the material of which dreams are made: a unique soft-solid polyurethane gel that through the years has been used for different and creative applications. Technogel® is the most adaptive, flexible, and incredible material you have ever experienced, which moves like the water having memory the shape of a solid body. For this reason Technogel® is considered the quintessence of comfort. Thanks to its chemical and physical properties, Technogel® has supported the realization of creative products, design objects, artworks, comfort solutions, and exclusive furniture, until becoming a pure lifestyle approach: the “Smooth Living” philosophy. 

Welcome to Technogel World: the soft side of life.